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Hands On Preview SONY NW-A800 - Mp4 Converter

Updated April 21,2007

SONY releases new NW-A800 Walkman. There's a hand on preview floating on YouTube.

“This Walkman can play high quality videos, MP3's or flick through your photo album, plays contents downloaded from Internet, podcasts or simply from your camcorder to watch your home videos on the run.

Packed with features, a high quality 2″ LCD with user friendly interface so calling up your files is easy and multi-format support so even your AVC, MP4 or most other file types are just a drag-and-drop away. High quality video on such a small screen? No problem, AVC Baseline refers to "Advanced Video Coding" is a video format that achieves vivid and high video quality. 4 'Clear Audio Technologies' are featured - the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine improves the degraded sound of compressed audio and restores high frequency range to reproduce natural sound close to the original source, Clear Bass reproduces bass sound quality without distortion, Clear Stereo LR prevents audio signal leaking from one channel to another, reproducing the clear stereo sound of the original source and 13.5 mm EX Headphones for added pure and live sound.”




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